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Hacking is a computer abuse defined as the unauthorized access to a computer, its files, and programs.

In my opinion, I do agree with hackers’ claim that they could help the organization by knowing its weak points.  When hackers will be able to access documents of the organization, it is already a form of invading one’s property and privacy which is considered unethical. However, it could be a great help to the business or the organization to improve their security and develop their systems. When hackers access the files of the organization, it only means that their system security is poor and hackers could change what is written in their files, could have a copy of confidential documents or even destroy the system used by the organization and this will cause a big problem to the business. When files are hacked, especially those that are confidential, it could be used against the organization, therefore the activity of hacking can bring positive results to the organizations to avoid this kind of problems in the future.


“I Think”


Software is defined as set of machine-readable instructions that directs a computer’s processor to perform specific operations.

In my own opinion, the increasing amount of decision making carried out by software will not decrease the demand for college-educated workers because first, even though software are widely used in different businesses or organizations, people are more important because not all the time software could function according to what it is expected to be. If the business will always rely to their software, there might be some events that the software will not function well and that if it happens, the business will be greatly be affected. Therefore, college-educated workers are still needed for the business to run even without software. Another reason is that software could not run by its own, a knowledgeable person is needed in order for it to function; example is when the software needs to be updated or to fix some errors. Even though men are more susceptible to commit mistake, a business should not let computer overpower people.

“A New Way To Connect”


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Technology became a big part in people’s life. A lot of people, especially millennials are fond of exploring the internet. It became a part of their everyday living, sharing photos, being updated to trends and news and also, the use of internet is a new way to communicate with family, friends and also a new way to meet new friends.

                When there is a high-speed broadband connection, I think one of the services that will change its business models are shopping centers, because people could do on-line shopping and does not need to go to stores and buy the things they want. Also, on-line shopping is easier than going to stores because it needs lesser effort. Another service that I think will change its business models would be the telecommunication services like the sending of SMS. High – speed broadband connections means that everything is fast, therefore people would rather use Skype, or Viber, or Tango to communicate rather than sending SMS. In that way you could not only converse with other people but you can also have a chance to see them through video cameras.  It is more convenient and in some way could make someone feel that they are conversing in a face to face manner even if they’re miles away.

open codes


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The open office software refers to a program in which its source code is open for the public. It was created by the collaborative efforts of thousands of programmers and basically it is free of charge which is one of its advantages against software made by a certain company. Another advantage of open office software is the combination of effects made by different programmers. Since there are a lot of programmers involved in modifying the software, a lot of ideas will also come and would result to software that could meet the expectations of different people.

In my personal opinion, open source software will proliferate in the future and it will continue to develop. This is because the Open office allows the public specifically computer programmers to fix, update, develop and modify the present software. When open source software will be developed or modified, there will be an increase in the people using it because it is user friendly, less bugs because errors in the codes can be fixed by anyone else especially computer experts. It assures security since anyone could check its contents. This kind of software is also ideal for organizations to achieve their goals and to organizations who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money resources in creating software for their system because an open source system doesn’t require a complex licensing and anti- piracy measures.




The advancement of technology brought by modernization resulted to an easier life of every people in which in one snap of the finger, everything they need is already there. However, this made people become dependent on technologies and that it made them lazy.

As a student, I can just search my home works and projects in the internet without going to the library and scan books for hours. Through the internet, I can get the information I need in just one click and I just need to wait for minutes or seconds to have the information needed. No sweat needed and requires few efforts to be exerted.

A useful device is invented for a particular purpose while a gadget is a developed device which is invented to have a multi-purpose function. An example of a useful device is a radio set which is used for listening to music, to news and radio dramas. A gadget is a small device which is easy to carry and easy to use. An example of a gadget is a tablet or an iPad. It functions like a computer since it only needs Wi-Fi to have an access to internet and research works became easier. Gadgets are also considered as a novelty.

A useful device is designed mainly for a certain purpose which is very helpful for human beings  while gadgets are for pleasures of human beings, it is used for entertaining and some gadgets are not necessary but because of the trend, people are investing their money in buying these kind of gadgets. Gadgets are to satisfy the human wants while a useful device is to satisfy the human needs.

“Technology is a Useful Servant But a Dangerous Master” – Christian Lous Lange

“Factory of the Future”


Living in a world where technology has a major role in the life of the people makes it difficult for me to envision the future. Technology affected the society to which we belong. It also helped the development of a more advanced economies.

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My ideal factory in the future is a factory functioning through voice commands.  There will be a device designed for ordering the product through voice command. The customers need not to input any data but they will just say the description of the product they want, the specific time they want the product to be delivered and the number of products they need. After the processing of the data, the device will transmit the information to the machines in the factory devised specifically in creating the products the consumers want. The machines in the factory will then create the product the consumers want to buy base on its description, its number and it should also make sure that the processing period will meet the date the consumers want the product to be delivered. On the other hand, the suppliers need not to have accounts in banks to receive the payment of the customers. The payment of the products need not be in cash but it will be in terms of consumer’s property which is the same value as the product. A certain device will be designed to calculate the value of the product and its equivalent to customer property and will automatically transfer the property to the supplier.

“The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers.”
― Sydney J. Harris

Strategic Information System: a Key to Success



Information System is widely used in the business world. Companies use information system to make their transactions faster and less hassle. Strategic information system is a system that helps companies change their business strategies.It is a way for companies to be on top because Strategic Information System makes the transactions easier and faster. Companies that uses Strategic Information System have a greater advantage to those who doesn’t use it and this leads to a more competitive organization.

As a consumer, I think that strategic information system is a good thing because aside from making transactions faster, it is a good strategy to attract more consumers and if the service is good, many consumers would patronize their products leading  these companies to success. Strategic Information System is a way of reducing the cost of products and services and this means having more profit.

For smaller and weak companies that cannot afford to build this kind of system, the best way for them to remain in the business world is to give much effort in giving good service to customers who already patronize their products.